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Substance Abuse Policy
Procure supports the concept of a drug and alcohol free environment. Procure forbids all employees from bringing any illegal drugs or any alcohol to the work premises to which you are assigned.

In addition to your welfare, Procure is concerned with the needs and requirements of our clients. Clients who have a substance abuse policy may request drug testing of Procure employees prior to assignment. Temporary employees are free to decide whether they agree to submit to testing. Refusal to do so will not be recorded in the employee's record, nor will it exclude them from future assignments. The results of any drug test will also be held in the strictest confidence and will only be disclosed to appropriate people.


Safety Policy
Procure Personnel is extremely interested in your personal health and safety. As an employee, you are one of our most important assets. It is our objective  to protect you by providing healthy working conditions. If you notice unsafe work conditions, or are asked to do something you deem to be unsafe, call Procure immediately.

You must take an active interest in your own safety. From time to time, make a visual survey of your work area. Is it safe? If not, report all unsafe conditions to your supervisor and notify Procure immediately.

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Drug Abuse & Safety Policy

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