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About Us

President's Word

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Our Vision
To be the premier provider of employment services through relentless customer service and an environment of opportunity and prosperity for Procure Personnel Employees and Associates.

Our Priorities
Focus on people
Provide relentless customer service
Increase productivity
Drive out costs
Continue to grow

Our Values
Procure Personnel's success has been built on a history of passionate individuals who are fully committed to serving our customers and driving our business to greater and greater heights.  Our success is predicated on the level of intensity and enthusiasm applied to the pursuit of attaining our goal.  We value attacking our work, our personal goals, and our customer relationships with passion and vigor.

Our single-minded pursuit of being the premier provider of employment services is only achieved through each employee having a sharp focus on his/her contribution to the mission.  Also, our focus will be enhanced as the result of us sharing our unified vision and a common set of priorities and values to use as our road map for getting there.

While we are serious about achieving our goals, we also believe that having fun is part of the success recipe.  In addition to making a concerted effort to ensure that each team member enjoys their experience at Procure Personnel, we also believe that fun is something that naturally flows from success, achievement, and liking one's work.

In order for Procure Personnel to be successful, we must constantly promote an environment of clarity, trust, and understanding across the organization.  For this to happen, we must communicate in an ongoing, fearless, and open manner, dealing candidly, respectfully, and constructively with other people and issues.

Having integrity means that we take responsibility for conducting ourselves in a manner that is in line with our stated values and is in the best interest of the company, our associates, and our customers.  Having integrity also means that we choose to treat others with respect, dignity, and professionalism, and live up to our own personal code of ethics.

Procure Personnel has built a reputation of energy, urgency, and speed.  We see urgency in all we do as one of our competitive advantages.  We value accuracy and care in our work, but choose to couch this attention to quality in a framework of personal urgency as a business necessity.

We believe in balancing our business approach, our personal lives, and our work force.  From a business perspective, we must give balanced attention to our customers, our employees, and our associates.  From a personal perspective, we recognize the importance of family, leisure activities, and community involvement, as being critical to a happy, fulfilling life.

We value Winning!  Embedded in our culture is a "passion", a "focus", and a sense of "urgency" for coming out on top and not settling for second best.  We tend to attract and hire people with a competitive spirit and a drive to excel at whatever they do; the outcome is an individual and corporate mindset that aims high and fails to get complacent.  We also believe that those who help us "win" should share in the success and rewards.

"I needed help, someone who could enter immediately into our accounting system. I had to know that the person the temp agency sent over would be trustworthy . . . I called Procure.  Problem solved.  They sent me Janet.  She was perfect - so perfect, in fact, I hired her full time."
"We had 8 people call off with a stomach virus on our production line.  I had 4 hours to get those lines back up.  Procure got right on it.  In 3 and a half hours I had a full crew and the lines were producing at 100%."

Procure Personnel, Inc.
113 North Wyoming St.
Hazleton, PA  18201

Fax 570.450.7441